Telehealh Appointments

We've changed the way we practice!

Due to the Covid-19 virus, Wodonga Osteopathic Clinic has changed the way we practice. We now offer Telehealth appointments for those seeking non-contact care. Limited ‘hands-on’ appointments are now available for those we have thoroughly screened and consider low risk and suitable for treatment according to advice given by the Department of health. 

Our online booking system has been temporarily closed, however you can call the clinic on 02 6024 6611 to speak directly with an osteopath.

Bookings will be made on a case by case basis – we encourage you to contact us so we can discuss any ways to provide further care and support.

We thank you for your understanding during this challenging time.

TeleHealth for Osteopathy

Osteopathy is typically viewed as being a ‘hands on’ treatment only.  However, Osteopaths can provide so much more when helping you manage musculoskeletal health issues.

We are able to carefully take your health history, identifying the important factors that may contribute to your condition, diagnosing your symptoms, providing a specific and relevant exercise program that meets your needs.  Osteopaths work with you to gain confidence and control over your recovery, empowering you towards health.

TeleHealth is evidence based, with research supporting online consultations.

Online Osteopathy Consultations – TeleHealth

Telehealth offers a way for osteopaths and their patients to connect and manage their conditions without the current risks posed through ‘face to face’ treatment.

Most people's view of osteopathy is that it involves "hands on" treatment. In reality, this is only a portion of what Osteopaths do to assist with managing musculoskeletal health issues. 

Telehealth can be performed from the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are.  It provides access for those with transport challenges, or if you are simply time-poor and can’t physically make it into the clinic.

How TeleHealth Works

All online Osteopathy consultations start with well-structured series of questions designed to discover what they need to know about your musculoskeletal health issue (without touching you obviously). By the end of the subjective assessment, the osteopathy will have a very clear idea of your probable diagnosis. The osteopath may then ask you to perform some tests to confirm this diagnosis.

Your online osteopath may prompt you to answer further questions, or perform certain movements, and will then assess your feedback regarding these. This process should clarify diagnosis. If we are ever unsure of your diagnosis, we will not hesitate to refer and guide you to an on site Osteopathic Hand-on Treatment appointment, imaging if needed or your GP.

The process of booking a session and having the consultation online is simple! You only need to have an email address, access to a computer, ipad or smart phone with access to microphone and video, and credit card for payment.

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Principal Adam Mason